Herbology 101
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Did you know that 78%* of the US population believes in the positive effects of complementary and alternative medicine?
*Statistic from statista.com
“We have created one of the most comprehensive courses in herbology to date. 

We have re-filmed every video lesson to include all of the instructional material for all the actions, therapeutic uses, botany, and human physiology of many major herbs used in western herbology.”
Dr Terry Willard
Cl.H.,Ph.D, Founder of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing
For over forty years, Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D., has studied the medicinal properties of plants. After finishing his BSc in Environment Biology, at University of Calgary, in 1974, he moved out into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and lived in a Tipi, to study the indigenous plants of Alberta. From here he started teaching courses on the Edible and Medicinal properties of the local plants through a continuing education program at U of C. This later expanded into starting the Wild Rose College of Natural healing that is still operating today.
Dr. Terry Willard is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. He appears regularly in the print and electronic media as an exponent of responsible herbal use. He currently serves as the President of Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations and is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. He has consulted with many nutritional and natural pharmacy companies in North America and around the world. Quite active in the politics of natural medicine, Terry has been on several Federal committees and organizations since 1985. He has influenced both government and industry points of view and laws over several decades. In 1998, Terry Willard was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association’s Hall of Fame.
Dr. Willard is the author of twelve books on the subject of herbs including the pivotal Wild Rose Herbal Series – a series of three textbooks written to educate herbalists. Two of his books, Reishi: Herb of Spiritual Potency and Medical Wonder, and Dr. Willard Encyclopedia of Herbal Uses, have been particularly popular with the general public. His newest book is: Flower Essence: Emotional Alchemy and Spiritual Evolution.

Dr. Terry Willard still has product lines in Canada, USA and Japan, where he works as a consultant on future products and directions. An active practitioner and teacher, Terry retired from his clinic practice in Calgary, Alberta in June of 2014. He is still a director of the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, which serves classroom, on-line and correspondence students around the world.
Herb 101
Course Curriculum
The Herbology 101 course combines twentieth century scientific and clinical experience with traditional natural methods of health maintenance.

This course includes a free, downloadable copy of Dr. Terry Willard’s “Textbook of Modern Herbology”.
The Future Of Herbalism
Attention nutrition, fitness and life coaches, did you know that you can add this herbal training program to any natural health career?
Welcome to Herbology 101 Introduction 1.1
Introduction  1.2 
Introduction 1.3
Fireweed Part 1 
Fireweed Part 2 
Fireweed Part 3 
Plant ID
Lesson - Introduction 
Lesson 1.1 - Plant ID 
Lesson 1a - Dandelion 
Lesson 1.2 - Stems 
Lesson 1.3 - Leaves 
Lesson 1b - Yucca 
Lesson 1.4 - Flowers
Lesson 1.5 - Plant classification Lesson 1.6 - Fungi
Lesson 1.7 - Ferns Horsetail 
Lesson 1c – Horsetail
Lesson 1.8 - Spermato 
Lesson 1d - Pine Pollen 
Lesson 1e - Ginkgo Edit 
Lesson 1.9 - Angiosperms 
Lesson 1f - Sweetgrass
Lesson 1g - Ladyslipper orchid Lesson 1.10 - Dicot part 1
Lesson 1.11 - Dicot part 2
Biochemical Mysteries
Lesson 2.0 - Introduction
Lesson 2.1 - Mysteries
Lesson 2.2 - Organic or not
Lesson 2.3 - Lapacho
Lesson 2.4 - Vitamin E
Lesson 2a - Biotransmutation
Digestive System & Tonics
Lesson 3 - Introduction
Lesson 3.1 - Digestion
Lesson 3.2-What to eat
Lesson 3.3-Journey of Digestion
Lesson 3.4-Stomach Intest
Lesson 3a-Food combination herbs
Lesson 3b-Digestive tone and tonics
Lesson 3c-Barberry
Lesson 3d-Oregon grape
Lesson 3e-Goldenseal part 1
Lesson 3f-Goldenseal part 2
Lesson 3g-Gentian Lesson 3h-Peruvian bark
Lesson 3i-White poplar part 1
Lesson 3j-White poplar part 2
Lesson 3k-Blessed thistle
Lesson 3l-Myrrh
Lesson 3m-Meadowsweet
Physiology of Blood & Stimulants
Lesson 4-Introduction
Lesson 4.1-Cardio and stimulants
Lesson 4.2-Stimulant Cayenne
Lesson 4.3- Ginger
Lesson 4.4-Horseradish
Lesson 4.5-Cloves
Lesson 4.6-Peppermint
Lesson 4.7-Reishi Part 1
Lesson 4.8-Reishi part 2
Lesson 4.8-Hawthorn
Lesson 4.9-Hawthorn 101
Lesson 4.10-Hawthorn Berries
Elimination and Diaphoretics
Lesson 5-Introduction
Lesson 5.1-Elimination & diaphoretics
Lesson 5.2-Sweat glands
Lesson 5.3-Sun exposure and skin
Lesson 5.4-Fever
Lesson 5.5-Diaphoretics
Lesson 5.6-Yarrow 101
Lesson 5.7-Yarrow part 1
Lesson 5.8-Yarrow part 2
Lesson 5.9-Chamomile
Lesson 5.10-Hyssop
Lesson 5.11-Catnip
Lesson 5.12-Spearmint
The Kidneys, Liver, Renal Function and Diuretics
Lesson 6-Introduction
Lesson 6.1-Kidneys, liver & diuretics
Lesson 6.2-Diuretics
Lesson 6.3-Parsley
Lesson 6.4-Bearberry part 1
Lesson 6.5-Bearberry part 2
Lesson 6.6-Juniper
Lesson 6.7-Juniper part 2
Lesson 6.8-Gravel root
Lesson 6.9-Clevers
Lesson 6.10-Turkey Rhubarb
Lesson 6.11-Cascara
The Respiratory System, Expectorants and Demulcents
Lesson 7-Introduction
Lesson 7.1-Respiration
Lesson 7.2-Aromatheraphy treatment
Lesson 7.3-Comfrey
Lesson 7.4-Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
Lesson 7.5-Mullein
Lesson 7.6-Chickweed
Lesson 7.6-Marshmallow
Lesson 7.7-Slippery Elm
Lesson 7.8-Ma Huang
Lesson 7.9-Weight Loss and Thermogenic Formulas
Lesson 7.10-Pleurisy Root
The Colon, Cathartics and Anthelmintics
Lesson 8-Introduction
Lesson 8.1-colon catharic
Lesson 8.2-Colon ecological balance
Lesson 8.3-IBS Musilax
Lesson 8.4-Cathartics LBT
Lesson 8.5-Cascara Sagrada
Lesson 8.6-Mountain Flax
Lesson 8.7-Turkey Rhubarb
Lesson 8.8-Turkey Rhubarb part 2
Lesson 8.9-Mandrake
Lesson 8.10-Balm of Gilead part 1
Lesson 8.11-Balm of Gilead part 2
Lesson 8.12-Senna Lesson 8.13-Anthelmintics
Lesson 8.14-Wormwood
Lesson 8.15-Male Fern
Lesson 8.16-Pumpkin seeds
The Nervous System, Nervines and Antispasmodics
Lesson 9-Introduction
Lesson 9.1-Nervous system and Nervines
Lesson 9.2-Nervines and antispasmodics
Lesson 9.3-Skullcap
Lesson 9.4-Hops Lesson 9.5-Valerian
Lesson 9.6-Valerian part 2
Lesson 9.7-Black Cohosh
Lesson 9.8-Cramp bark
Lesson 9.9-Arnica
Lesson 9.10-Arnica part 2
The Defence System of the Body: Alternatives and Antiscorbutics
Lesson 10-Introduction
Lesson 10.1-Alteratives and defense
Lesson 10.2-Alteratives and detox
Lesson 10.3-Chaparral
Lesson 10.4-Sassafras
Lesson 10.5-Burdock
Lesson 10.6-Red clover
Lesson 10.7-Garlic
The Lymphatic System and Astringents
Lesson 11-Introduction
Lesson 11.1-Lymph and Astringent
Lesson 11.2-Bayberry
Lesson 11.3-White Oak
Lesson 11.4-Raspberry leaves
Lesson 11.5-Cranesbill geranium
Lesson 11.6-Bistort
Lesson 11.7-White pond Lily
The Reproductive System and Emmenagogues
Lesson 12-Introduction
Lesson 12.1-Reproduction
Lesson 12.2-Saw palmetto
Lesson 12.3-Female reproductive system
Lesson 12.4-Dong Quai
Lesson 12.5-Partidge Berry
Lesson 12.6-Tansy Lesson 12.7-Pennyroyal
Lesson 12.8-Blue Cohosh
lesson 12.9-Motherwort
The Endocrine System and Flower Essence
Lesson 13-Introduction
Lesson 13.1-Endocrine and Flower essence
Lesson 13.2-Flower Essence Formulas
Additional Herbs
Lesson 14.1-Lobelia
Lesson 14.2-Asian Ginseng
Lesson 14.3-American Ginseng
Lesson 14.4-Eleuthro
Lesson 14.5-Ginkgo Biloba
Lesson 14.6-Lapacho
Lesson 14.7-Milk Thistle
Lesson 14.8-Chlorella
Chapter 15
Your Own Herbal Formulations, Drying and Collecting Herbs
Lesson 15-Introduction
Lesson 15.1-Herbal Formulations
Lesson 15.2-Harvesting and Drying herbs
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